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Activity Based Working

is a concept to design your office in such a way, that it supports work activities optimally, rather than drawing a boundary around it’s user’s personal spaces (i.e. that’s when everyone sits at a more or less uniform desk with all facilities and gear in one place, like a screen, computer, phone, stapler, sticky notes, etc). In practice, it means that an ABW space fosters a variety of office environments, that are all supporting different activities, performed by its residents in their work. In an average ABW office, that would be a mix of team desks, quiet concentration rooms, telephone booths and a meeting room. More advanced ABW offices may also offer stand up meeting tables, a brainstorm area, multi- media rooms, a lounge area and stand up working stations. All ABW spaces should have a fast wireless network, and in all, facilities are shared between co-workers and management, no one has their own desk, except for maybe the security staff.

Working on a diverse range of tasks throughout the day, from focused individual work through to open collaborative work and everything in between. Technology has advanced to the point where people are connected everywhere they go. The ability to check a work email from home or have a business meeting with someone on the other side of the world provides great possibilities for the future of work.

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Melbourne Office Solutions will help you to create the activity base working environment that works for your office.


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