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Create a healthy working environment with ergonomic task chairs

Sitting at work can lead to numerous health problems and an office chair without the correct support can lead to decreased performance maybe lowered motivation plus the possibilities of WorkCover claims for back related injuries.

At Melbourne Office Solutions,  our partners include The TSS Group (makers of the Therapod range) and Commercial Furniture Solutions, both are Australian manufacturers who produce a range of ergonomic office chairs that promote healthy sitting and optimal ergonomics in the workplace.
A worthwhile long-term investment and preventative measure, your staff will benefit greatly from the increased comfort and health advantages of working in our ergonomic task chairs.

With a great choice designs we will have the chair for YOU!

So  if you would like to

  • increase  the productivity of your staff
  • decrease absenteeism
  • Help stop back related injuries

What are you waiting for?

Call Melbourne Office Solutions  NOW on 1300 732 418 to discuss how we can solve your problem!

 We consult & deliver AUSTRALIA wide


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  • We buy office furniture from these guys, mainly office chairs. Their service is great and we have found them to be cost effective. I like I can pay them to setup the chairs, as it drives me nuts putting them together ourselves. Marty Drill
    CEO Get Started