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Finding The Right Office chair.

 Finding the right solution.

A combination of these three factors has made Therapod the only ‘complete’ seating solution currently available. Therapod is an Australian designed and patented product, manufactured and distributed worldwide.

1. Total Contact Back Support System

The Therapod posture-support system has been designed to provide total contact for all back shapes. As all backs are not the same, and support levels are individual, having a system which can be customized for total contact is essential. The Therapod posture support is the only fully adjustable system in the world.

2. Seat which allows good pressure distribution

Research shows conclusively that a poorly designed seat – including some with dual density foams – may have poor pressure-distribution patterns and ultimately increase lumbar-disc pressure.

Our multi-layer seat technology (‘Bodyform’) and our VTEQ™ (visco elastic) seats working in conjunction with both the Therapod back system and the mechanism provide superior pressure distribution, whilst reducing lumbar spine pressures.

3. A Mechanism which allows for correct positioning

It is vital to select a mechanism for a chair to suit your specific requirements.
Chart C (on opposite page) highlights the importance of back inclination in relation to lumbar spine pressures.

Our recommendation is for that of a synchronized mechanism which will follow you as you move back and forth throughout your working environment.


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  • We buy office furniture from these guys, mainly office chairs. Their service is great and we have found them to be cost effective. I like I can pay them to setup the chairs, as it drives me nuts putting them together ourselves. Marty Drill
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