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Acrylic LecternAcrylic Lectern
MOS 1500 DirectorMOS 1500 Direct
MOS AL1800 Chancellor with lap top shelf MOS AL1800 Chancellor with lap top shelf
MOS Senator 2000 Silver MOS Senator 2000 Silver

MOS 1800 Gold

MOS 1800 Gold Governor Lectern
Governor Lectern
MOS 1800 Chancellor FCI Lectern Beach Finish Back View
MOS Front Beach Finish
MOS CongressmanMOS Congressman
MOS DelegateMOS Delegate
MOS Premier Top ViewMOS Premier Top View
MOS Statesman Black with Side TraysMOS Statesman Black with Side Trays
MOS Lap Top shelfMOS Lap Top shelf
MOS Light & Power PackMOS Light & Power Pack
MOS Lectern Storage CoverMOS Lectern Storage Cover
Road CaseRoad Case
MOS GMI Goodseneck MicrophoneMOS GMI Goodseneck Microphone
MOS Equipment Shelf with glass holder installedMOS Equipment Shelf with glass holder installed
MOS GM07106 MeasurementsMOS GM07106 Measurements
Lecterns Pro ModelLecterns Pro Model
Lecturn pro model - FrontLecturn pro model – Front
Lecterns - Deluxe ModelLecterns – Deluxe Model
Quarter Column
Quarter Column

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  • We buy office furniture from these guys, mainly office chairs. Their service is great and we have found them to be cost effective. I like I can pay them to setup the chairs, as it drives me nuts putting them together ourselves. Marty Drill
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