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Monitor Arms

Once your chair has been adjusted to the height of the table, your legs have gotten comfortable and your back is supported, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Casually look forward with your eyes closed, and then open your eyes, which should be aimed at the centre of your computer screen.
Adjust the screen so it is level with your gaze.

If you need to raise your laptop, consider using an adjustable monitor arm from Melbourne Office Solutions. We can cater for users who require twin screens.

The Monitor Arm pictured is made to the highest quality standards and combines a range of innovative features.

• Easy and safe push-button mechanism allows the monitor to be adjusted from a seated position.
• Quick release with 90-degree portrait to landscape screen rotation and secure fastening option.
• Discreet, effective cable management.
• Bolt through or desk clamp mounting included as standard.
• Elegant, simple design appeal with 3 co101_spacedec_single_arm



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