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Four Reasons Why You Need a Sit Stand Desk NOW!

More and more people are finding out about the benefits of a sit or stand desk. Because these desks are designed to be raised or lowered very quickly and easily, they allow the user to change his or her position from standing to sitting and back again. Sit or stand desks can help to reduce the problems that sitting down for too long can cause. They let you work standing up for some of the time.



Sit-Stand Desk

Here are four (4) key reasons why desk users and their employers should invest in a sit stand desk today:

1) Burn Calories

Let’s face it, most of us need to watch our weight – especially those of us who are stuck at a desk all day. Did you know that standing up burns more calories than sitting down? The average person could burn as much as 50 per cent more calories by standing at a desk instead of sitting. Over the course of a working day, this can add up to a surprising amount: you could burn 280 extra calories every day, just by changing from a seated to a standing position.


2) Back Pain

If you’ve ever spent too long at your desk and felt that nagging pain between your shoulders, you’ll know that sitting can become uncomfortable. Did you know it can also cause long-term back pain? Even with the correct ergonomic chair people who sit down all day can easily develop back problems. A sit stand desk helps to cut the risk by letting you change your posture easily.


3) Arm and Shoulder Pain

Arm and shoulder pain isn’t just a nuisance. It can be a sign that you’re developing a real problem, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Standing for some of the time changes the angle of your arms and shoulders so you’re less likely to develop problems.


4) Live Longer with a Sit Stand Desk

The most pressing reason to get a sit stand desk is the risk to your health from sitting. Recent studies seem to show that people who spend too much time sitting die younger than those who don’t. People who logged the most sitting time were:

  • Nearly 50 per cent more likely to die from any cause
  • Around 125 per cent more likely to die from problems with their heart and circulation. These include angina and heart attacks.

Even taking extra exercise didn’t seem to reduce the risks. Cutting the time spent sitting appears to be the only way to avoid these serious hazards.


Conducting a desk assessment helps to make sure that you or your staff are using their desks safely. When sitting at your desk, make sure you use an ergonomic desk chair. These are specially designed to be comfortable and protect your body from stresses and strains while sitting.





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