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How to reduce employee stress during an office move

Relocating your office can be a stressful time, especially for your employees. Follow these tips to ensure that your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Start planning as soon as possible.Once you have made the decision to relocate your office, begin planning immediately. Establish a clear timeline for completing preparations and share this timeline with your employees. Ample planning time will help eliminate confusion in the long run and allow adequate time to prepare for your move.

Hire quality office movers There are numerous office moves companies that have the necessary experience and resources to move your business smoothly and efficiently.  Add to this an experienced Project Manager will greatly reduce the pressure and stress on your managers and other employees, because you will be assured the job is being done correctly.

Communicate with your employees.Once you’ve coordinated the details of your move, including dates and location, schedule a meeting to inform your employees. Let them know exactly what is expected of them in terms of preparation, and let them know how to contact if they have any questions.

Establish team leaders.Select a member of each team to serve as the “moving liaison” throughout the move preparations. This person should coordinate the moving efforts for their team, take inventory, answer questions, and report any issues or concerns back to the upper management as needed.

Create a checklist.Write a list of what steps employees need to take to get ready for the move, with a general timeline of when each step should be completed. Knowing exactly what is expected of them will reduce ambiguity and help your employees get ready.

Allow time each week to prepare.In the weeks leading up to your move, give your employees a set amount of time to prepare each week. Establishing set periods of time for them to clean their space and pack up their materials will reduce the last-minute rush.

Provide additional recycling or shredding.Moving is a great opportunity to reduce unnecessary clutter. Provide additional recycling bins or shredding receptacles so that employees can get rid of old documents and files that are no longer needed. You can also encourage employees to recycle or throw away any other clutter that’s not needed.

Ready to make the move? Call Garry Ebbott (1300 732 418) After more than 30 years of Project Managing Office Moves,  I am here to help you with all of your office relocation needs.

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