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Seating Disease

Are you aware of “Sitting Disease”?

Most people aren’t but if you are looking new office chair here are some of the facts you need to know

Sitting disease is a terms used by medical and scientific experts around the world. In short it relates to the negative effects that sitting has on the body.

Consider this;

“for people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking” Cardiologist Mayo Clinic

“prolonged sitting should be considered within the OH&S policies and practises” British Journal of Sport Medicine

“today, our bodies are breaking down from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and a cascade of health issues all coming from sitting disease   James A Levin MD PhD

If that doesn’t scare you what about “as many as 79% of all adults in Australia have a lower back issue”.

It’s not all doom and gloom as all this is preventative.

In today’s modern office the key to prevention is setting up the optimum working environment. By this I mean the user has a range of equipment that can be adjusted to fit their needs and requirements.  These include;

sitttingstanding  Miracle Maxi - Gel Teq footrest 102_spacedec_triple

  • Sit Stand Desk
  • Quality Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Monitor Arm
  • Foot Rest

Most offices focus on office chairs and a one chair fits all mentality the other items will assist the user by allowing them to adjust and tweak their work space  so they end up with the optimum working environment.

  • By introducing Therapod seating into your workplace you can reduce the risk of sitting disease.
  • Being the worlds most adjustable chair the Therapod chair is an ideal investment for any office.
  • The Therapod range was developed in Australia and in now made under licence throughout the Europe and the USA.
  • The ATO recognises the Therapod Classic range as a health aid by making it GST Free (the only office chair in Australia that is GST free).


Call Melbourne Office Solutions NOW on 1300 732 418 to discuss how we can help you and your staff avoid Sitting Disease!

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