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Start Working at a Stand up Desk – Your Body will Thank you!

Here is how to counteract the potentially negative effects of Sitting Disease:

  • Purchase (or make) a stand up desk, and make sure to follow these guidelines to maintaining healthy standing posture: Good Posture Helps Reduce Back Pain. Sit-to-stand desks are also growing in popularity, giving you flexible options throughout the day.
  • Start out alternating between standing and sitting. While you are sitting, office ergonomics can help lower the risks associated with prolonged sitting in an office chair, such as neck strain, lower back pain, and leg pain.
  • At first, only stand for 2 hours each day to allow your muscles to get used to the new arrangement.
  • To make sure you stand…Assign an activity like phone or email time to standing only, or download a free alarm or put one in your mobile phone to remind you when to stand.
  • Take the first steps to living a healthier lifestyle by committing to stand a little more every day. Also, get up and move around as often as possible. When sitting, make sure to take advantage of an ergonomic chair.
  • How will standing more change your life?

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  • Thanks Garry for your guidance on selecting the right products for our employees requirements and needs. We really appreciated trialling the chairs prior to purchase. We will definetly be in contact for any future furniture requirements Suzanne Caldwell